Sunday, July 22, 2012

CHOPPED. Ambrose Edition

Hello there, long time no blog. Here is what's new in our home:

Hayden is almost 10 months. He has 6 teeth (but working on 7 & 8), is army crawling everywhere, and is working very hard on walking. I gave him his first haircut last week (which went pretty good actually). He is a very happy little boy, who fills our home with laughter and love. Here is a recent picture of our little cutie!

Here in the Ambrose home, we have a family reunion that we are stoked about going to later this week, which I will also be posting about in the near future. Otherwise, Kyle is busy as usual with the Lodge events and his trading, and I am swamped with a squirmy baby, yard, and house. Busy is good, though, and we are happier than ever.

Oh, and one more thing is new in our home: CHOPPED AMBROSE EDITION will be starting right after our vacation! YESSS! 

For those of you who don't watch the show Chopped on the FOOD Network (I'm a food network junkie); it is a competition to see who makes the best meals out of several ingredients, and the best person wins $10K. The other chefs get "chopped" out of the competition throughout the show, when their meal isn't best.

Here is our little twist on the CHOPPED game we will be playing:

To see who is the best chef in the Ambrose home we will be competing over two weeks, to be able to claim the right as the BEST AMBROSE CHEF in the house (which will be me, of course).  

-Each participant must make 5 meals. 
-$50.00 limit per week ($25 per person). 
-Each Chef will alternate choosing their menus (In case we choose to prepare the same meal). 
             First choice decided by Ro-Sham-Bo (best 3 of 5). 
-Each Chef will have 3 extra meals planned in case of duplicates. 
-Foods will be judged upon both the initial quality as well as leftover quality. 
-At the end of the competition, both Chefs will rank all meals in order from best to worst. 
-At least one meal must be new to our Kitchen Stadium. 

JUST SO YOU KNOW- We don't have $10 K, Dang! But, the winner gets their reward of choice (the sky's the limit!)                       I may need some help thinking up some good ideas for my reward.....

Also, we did make this official by contract; which has already been signed and dated this evening. It will be effective immediately after the family reunion.

This competition is awesome for two reasons. One, I am incredibly competitive and love to beat Kyle. Two, I get out of making a few meals (YESSS!). 

Along the way we will be posting pictures of the finished meals. That way you can all see what has been prepared and you can choose who you think should win. We have both sworn to each other not to be biased towards our own dishes; which I'm sure will be impossible to tell. Scouts Honor!

Alrighty! We will be posting the beginning of our competition beginning in about two weeks.

Here are a few more photos of our little man. Sorry, can't help myself!
Until then!



  1. Maren, your son is SO cute! I love his little teeth. The recipe competition sounds like a lot of fun - I'd try that too if I didn't know that Dave would kick my trash since he's a much better cook than I am. And thankfully he cooks for us pretty often anyway. :) I'm looking forward to pictures!

  2. That sounds like an awesome contest! Mike and I hosted a puzzle contest--not nearly as cool as a chopped contest. Truthfully, I'm not really into puzzles anyway, but it was fun to get everyone to do the same puzzle and see who finished it first (we had people in Utah, Ohio, Maryland, etc. all doing the same puzzle and they would log their time and take pictures of their final product. Pretty funny. Maybe I'll talk Mike into a chopped contest. That would be fun. Are you sharing your food? ;)